Why You Should Use Keratin For Your Hair!

Are you tired of waking up to ‘bed-head’ every morning? Do you want to finally take control of the curly, frizzy monster that lives on your head? Well, you’re in luck because Keratin straightening treatment might just be the thing for you. Unlike other products that have flooded the beauty scene, Keratin treatments have proven to tame the wildest of manes for long periods of time. A feat that few other products and treatments can brag about. So, here are some reasons why you should use Keratin treatment to take back control of your life:

It Heals your damaged hair

Keratin is often toted as working magic for wild hair, and that statement wouldn’t be far off the truth. The common theme surrounding hair treatments is that they all do more damage than good to the health of your hair. But thankfully keratin is proving otherwise. Unlike harsh chemical procedures, keratin acts as a healing agent. When damaged hair is coated with the protein it starts to moisturise individual strands of hair and fill the gaps in the cuticle layers, which the hair often severely needs due to prolonged usage of harsh drying chemicals. This, coupled with the fact that it promotes damaged hair to repair itself should explain why its reached such popular heights.This keratin treatment is very beneficial for hair that is porous, damaged and weak as the protein forms a layer on top of the cuticle and makes the hair thicker and stronger. Porous, weak, coloured and highlighted hair could not be straightened with chemicals, however can now be straightened with keratin.

The protein weighs your hair down, making it more smooth and heavier and also very shiny.
Since the heat of the iron to seal the keratin onto the hair shaft may lighten or discolour some hair types it is recommended to first apply the keratin straightening treatment and a few days later apply the colour to attain the best reults.

Treating yourself to this keratin straightening simplifies your life by having to spend less time, effort, frustration and styling on your hair. Some hair types can just be left to wash and wear and some need very little effort with styling to make it look great, shiny, straight and beautiful. No more hours of blow waving, using the straightening iron and all that continuous heat on your hair.
There can be moisture in the air and your hair will stay relatively smooth and in control.
No more frizz and fuzziness that comes sneaking back during the day. Smooth hair can now last a few days instead of just a few hours.

This treatment is definitely worth a try to make your life easier and your hair more manageable and beautiful!!!!

Throughout the world of beauty, fashion and hair care, keratin treatment is held in high regard, and rightfully so. From taming the wildest forms of hair, healing damaged follicles and sealing in hair colour (to name only a few of its advantages) Keratin has proven to be an ally to anyone looking for healthier and more vibrant hair. So what are you waiting for? Give your hair the treatment that it deserves and give yourself the looks that you’ve always wanted!
This treatment is definitely worth a try to make your life easier and your hair more manageable and beautiful!!!!