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Work Independently

As an independent contractor on the Gold Coast with our rent a beauty room agreement, you will be able to establish your own opening hours and work in a hair and beauty salon when it suits you. Our rent a chair agreement will mean you can run your own business, to your tune with minimal overheads.

Low Overheads

Are you living on the Gold Coast and you're looking for a place to practice beauty? We ensure that the overheads are our problem and you can focus on your work and your clients. Competitive pricing so that you can maximize your business potential.

Professional Beauty Room

We will ensure that you have all that you need, to meet your clients every expectation.Whether you are a hairdresser, beautician or nail technician, the rent a beauty room system will provide you with a great place to work with your own operating hours.

Be your own boss


Professional Facility

Low Risk

Own Hours

Our Rent a Beauty Room System

Renting a beauty room with Beauty Works, on the Gold Coast, was started with the vision of providing beauticians with a modern place to work without the overheads of having to be a salon owner. This will allow you to start your own business building your own clientele and servicing walk ins. As a non staff member, you will work with us as an independent contractor without the risk of fixed costs such as electricity, water and permanent staff. We take all responsibility for things such as advertisement, operations, salon management and make sure that you have a fair work environment within a community that is supportive and helpful. There are many awesome benefits to renting a beauty room with us. You can work your own hours, take sick leave when you need it and your annual leave is decided by you. Furthermore our rent a beauty room concept will give you a way to work and expand your nail beauty businesses with all the resources that allow you to pursue a great income and a rewarding professional career.

At the end of the day with our rent a beauty room concept, you need to know that we value you, and make sure everybody works in an environment that they enjoy. A place where you can pursue your income and passion as a hairstylist, beautician and nail technician with all tools you need to build your client base.

With us, you are your own boss. You work your own hours And you have the lowest financial risk possible, whilst running your own business. We are all relaxed and friendly, it is our aim to give our clients, as well as yours, not just style, but an experience.

Your Journey

Rent A Beauty Room


Your journey starts with giving us a call. We will provide you with all information necessary for you to make an informed decision. You will know all the ins and outs of renting a beauty room Gold Coast. If you'd like you can contact us via the email address provided on the contact us page.


Now that you have an understanding of what we are all about, we would love for you to come in so we can talk to you. You can give us information on your experience, your hobbies and your professional aspirations. We Want to Know What Makes you tick!


Next we will discuss the agreement. You'd make sure that all parties understand what is expected of them and what will be provided. We are a community and we pride ourselves on creating a happy, accepting and positive environment.


Lastly we discuss all contractual obligations. The next step, which will be to get you on board to start working with us, is done as a formality. We want to make your experience as awesome as possible. It's important to us that you are happy at work as a hairdresser, nail technician or beautician.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost to rent the beauty room in our salon?

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our rates are market related and give you the best opportunity to make a great success of your business. When we have our first meeting we can discuss the days that you would like to work and we will let you know what the costs is.

How does renting a beauty room work?

You will be renting a beauty room on a daily basis, included in your rent is: towels, capes, cleaner, washing machine, dryer, beverages for clients only,cleaning products, lockable cupboard for your things, landline phone for salon, marketing, walk in clients(exposure), work your own hours.

Is renting a beauty room the same as subletting?


Is it legal to rent a chair in a salon?

Many salons in Australia are making use of the "rent a beauty room" system and it is completely legal. Once you join our team you will sign a contract that will protect you as well as the salon. You can get some more information from Sprintlaw

What are the minimum working hours and are they flexible?

When joining Beauty Works we will negotiate the days that you would like to work and the days that are still available. The more days that you work the more prefential your daily fees will be as well as getting preferential days.

What are the contracting arrangements and will I be locked into a long term contracting arrangement?

You will be signing a contract that protects the salon as well as yourself, and the contract terms will be discussed with you during our first meeting.

What does the beauty room for rent include and what else is available to me?

You rent a beauty room paying on terms per day; included in your rent are towels, capes, cleaner, washing machine, dryer, beverages for clients only, cleaning products, lockable cupboard for your things, landline phone for salon, marketing, walk in clients (exposure), work your own hours.

Who pays for cleaning, electricity and other utilities?

The salon will be liable for cleaning, electricity as well as other utilities.

What insurance agreement do I have to maintain?

Annual public liability insurance of which owner gets a copy and needs to be renewed annually.