Get your hair into the frizz free zone!

Many of my clients are fed up with their uncontrollable and frizzy hair and it is always a highlight for me when I get an opportunity to apply the bhave keratin smoothing treatment. If you have limited time and you are looking for a low maintenance and long lasting solution that will give you maximum manageability bhave is definitely the solution for you!

Not only has the bhave keratin treatment managed to make your hair so much more manageable but this product also rebuilds the internal structure of the hair, restoring strength, elasticity and shine to your damaged hair.

Some of the benefits are:

  • More control in humid or wet weather
  • No more lengthly time spent on getting smoother hair
  • Less were and tear and heat styling on the hair
  • Results in healthier longer lasting hair
  • More stylish and fashionable look
  • Chemical free so it can be used on colored and fragile hair
  • product is free from parabens,sulphates and sodium chloride
  • easier to manage for up to 5 months

After years of using the Keratin smoothing treatment I can highly recommend this product for everybody with difficult to manage frizzy hair.

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