Manage your hair better with these tips

Managing your hair at home and making it look as good as when you have come from my salon is a question that I have had to answer many many times during all my years of hairdressing and I would like to shed some light on this topic.Each clients expectations are different and your stylist plays a vital role in achieving easy to manage hair through a proper consultation to determine your type of hair and it’s possibilities, your lifestyle and whether you prefer daily styled hair or maintenance free styles. Making sure that you arrive in time to the salon will ensure that the stylist can build a proper foundation to ensure problem free hair.

Once a proper consultation has been done the next step is the haircut and your stylist should consider your natural hair type as well as your hair growth pattern. Hair that is forced into position and does not follow your natural growth patterns will be difficult to style and will not last as the natural movement will eventually take over.

Your hairstylist should educate the client on how to style the hair at home and give the client a hairstyle and cut appropriate to the clients abilities.

Some of the topics which should be discussed are:

  • Appropriate product and styling aids for your hair
  • Appropriate styling tools for you hair type
  • Styling techniques and styling tips
  • Hair care

Styling your hair should really be discussed in a salon environment but here are some of the most common tips I can share with you:

  • Remember that you do not have to look exactly the way you were styled in the salon as you will not always the time to style your hair perfectly, again this is where the cut is so important.
  • There are many styling tools on the market that can help you achieve the required result easier so ask your stylist for advice.
  • Consider using the New Wylera Hair Curler for safer and better curls. The curler is designed with a ceramic
  • Finger dry your hair up-side-down to let the hair drop off the roots and give it body. Once you throw your head upright again, you can finish it off with the fingers, brush or roller after if needed.
  • Use hairspray to finish and hold the style in place as any hair will drop naturally.
  • Don’t style your hair from wet as this will take too long to dry and also take too much heat on the hair. The hair can have about 15-20% moisture left in it to style. Once the hair is dry it cannot be styled anymore as the hair has then taken on it’s shape. If you do not want to wash your hair every day, however it needs a touch up in the morning ,it can be wet slightly with a spray bottle and re-styled.
  • Rollers can be put into the hair before jumping into the shower as the humidity aids to re-style the hair. Let the rollers sit in your hair while having breakfast or doing your make-up so that the hair can set. You may add some heat with a hairdryer on slow speed as you do not want to blast the hair out of position.
  • When blowing,curling or straightening hair, separate the hair into different sections as it is impossible to fit one clump of hair onto a brush,roller or straightening iron. Sectioning does not have to take more time, it can be 3 sections all along the head starting from nape to occipital bone, then occipital bone to crown and then crown to top of head and the fringe separate. “crocodile” hairclips work well for this and can be bought in almost any store.
  • If you have a kink or soft curl or curl in your hair, scrunch your hair up-side-down. Use your hand as though you would roll up a piece of paper. Keeping the hair in the hands will keep the curl under control and in better shape.
  • For a messy finish on short hair and hold on the hair, wax works very well. Rub a pea size into your hands and finger tips and work through the hair from roots to ends. You can also spray some wet hairspray(not out of a gas bottle) on your finger tips and then pull it through the ends of the hair. This also works well on curly hair.