Wylera Hair Curler – Only $169!

The Wylera Automatic Hair Curler is the latest in hair curling technology! This small ceramic curler does all the work you, so sit back and relax, while you get the timeless waves you deserve.

What’s The Wylera Difference?

  • Its Quick And Easy To Use To Get Styled Quicker
  • Uses The Latest Hair Curling Technology
  • Curler Is Completely Wireless
  • Creates Perfect Long Lasting Curls Anywhere, Anytime
  • Works On ALL Types Of Hair
  • Set Your Own Curling Temperature
  • Battery Powered

Why You Need The New Wylera Hair Curler


It Does The Work For You

Sit back and relax while your Wylera Hair Curler does all the work for you, its quicker and safer than conventional hair curlers. Wylera leverages the latest in hair technology by implementing an almost hands free curling experience, simply place your hair in the curling tube, and watch the magic happen!

By utilizing air pressure and a ceramic curling tube, not only do you get gorgeous full curls, its also safer for your hair and you don’t need to worry about burning your fingers. You can set the direction you want to curl your hair and the heat at which your curls take effect.

This curler comes with a recharchable battery, and can be used completely cordlessly making it perfect for the busy salon floor or your travel bag.

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The Latest Curling Innovation


Make Curls Of Any Type

The Wylera Hair curler gives you the freedom to experiment with curls of any type, easier than ever before. If you want curls that are big, small, tight, loose, left or right, you can do it all and more.

With the use of ceramic heaters in the curling tube, not only will you get an amazing look, you’ll also be protecting your hair from the damage that conventional hair curlers inevitably inflict.

Wylera Hair Curler

$ 169.00

The New Wylera Automatic Hair Curler is the next big thing! This handy little curler is completely cordless and features a rechargeable battery. This Ceramic Curler isn’t just designed to give you luscious curls, its also designed to be super easy to use. With even heat application and almost hands-free operation, this is a curler you have to try!

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Lock curls in place all day long with the smooth ceramic barrel for even heat distribution. The ceramic surface and temperature adjustment settings create frizz-free and silky-smooth waves and curls. Curl direction settings are available for shaping your face with your new timeless waves. 30-second heat-up has you styled quicker than ever. The Wylera Wireless Hair Curler is a hair revolution! The Small Ceramic Curler is completely wireless for use on the go, for a style that lasts!

Product Features:

  • This new curler uses a new Ionic Ceramic Barrel that guarantees smooth, curls with lots of body.
  • You can set the direction of your curls with the new Wylera, giving you more options.
  • Set the temperature of your new Wylera between 150c – 200c.
  • This new type of hair curler is safer for your hair than traditional curlers due to the lower heat used.
  • Set the size of your curls easier than ever
  • Start curling your hair quicker than ever before, the Wylera only takes 30 seconds to heat up.
  • This product is safe for people of all ages since no heated elements are exposed.
  • It can easily be topped up with power using a USB port.
  • This set comes with both the USB charger and a carry bag for when you need it on the go.
  • Wylera is 100% Australian Owned
  • 12 Months Manufacturer warranty.

Perfect Curls, Anywhere, Anytime!