Have you tried a Healthy Hair Diet?

For as long as humanity has had the capability to admire beauty, we have tried our best to make ourselves easier on the eyes. Hair, and the way in which we try and improve the quality and look of it, has been subject to some of the most bizarre treatments possible, with differing outcomes. This process of experimentation has been going for centuries, and is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and there is a healthy hair diet. Modern day scientific research, coupled with trial and error, has proven that one of the big factors in hair health points to your diet!

The fact that what you put into your mouth correlates directly with the quality of your hair, is a fact often overlooked by many beauty enthusiasts. Beauty sure has come a long way with the introduction of futuristic hair treatments and products, and can, by all means, produce hair that even Chewbacca would be jealous of. But what about having strong, sleek, and shiny hair without the expensive price tag associated with it? The simple answer is – your diet. Different foods can affect your hair in different ways, some bad and some good. So, which foods can I eat that will transform my hair from drab to fab? Well I’m glad you asked!


Anything with protein!

You may be surprised to hear that human hair requires protein to be able to sustain itself. Many people don’t know that hair is actually made up of protein, named keratin, and without a steady intake of protein molecules your hair will begin to break down.  Lack of protein in the diet may spell disaster for your doo, since hair will weaken, and In extreme cases, fall out completely. But fear not, for gaining enough protein is a simple task. Foods such as red meat, chicken, eggs and dairy all provide the required amount of protein to keep your hair nice and strong. If you’re a vegetarian, then fret not! Spinach, nuts and various forms of legumes all make for a tasty snack, and are a great source of healthy strong hair.

Water – as if you did not know that!

 Having the right amount of water intake daily is a great addition to make your hair grow a lot faster. Water is a great aid to help your body flush out all the toxins and the right water intake will have a host of other benefits to your health as well. Good reason to take in more of the good stuff!

Don’t know how much is the right amount to consume daily – no worries – the Hydracoach intelligent water bottle is the first drinking bottle of it’s kind and will calculate and monitor your drinking habits.


Do I smell something Fishy?

Healthy hair is often conflated with having healthy strands of hair. Though this notion isn’t wrong, there is a much bigger picture to pay attention to. Your scalp plays a surprisingly large role in how your hair is presented. Having a healthy scalp leads to people seeing healthy hair. The best way to ensure a healthy scalp is through having plenty of Omega-3. This fatty acid can be found in a variety of different ocean dwelling creatures, most notably, in salmon. Any fish that is known to be oily or fatty is bound to have plenty of Omega-3 to help you progress. If you’re not a fan of fish then perhaps try taking in more avocado, pumpkin seeds and mixed nuts.


Anything high in Vitamin C!

Vitamin C is often used as the default cure for any household ailment, and it just may be. Not only is it effective in warding off the common cold, but its surprisingly effective in warding off bad hair days. Oranges, limes, lemons and strawberry’s (to name a few) are great sources of vitamin C, and are extremely healthy for the rest of your body too. The Vitamin C found in these fruits, along with the antioxidants, help stimulate collagen production in your body. If you don’t know what collagen is, or what its used for then you’ll be glad to know that it promotes hair growth and hair thickness


The next time you make yourself dinner, a fruit salad or a smoothie, try to incorporate these simple additions to your meals. The longer you follow a healthy hair diet, the better the results will be, and the more of a natural hair style you’ll be able to tote.