The Consultation

The foundation of any successful visit to a professional hair salon is the consultation. Not only is this the perfect opportunity for us to get  to know one another but also a necessary exchange to ensure a great hairstyle and a happy client. At Beautyworks we will always spend time with you to ensure that we have covered all your concerns and wishes. Some of the aspects that will be discussed are:

  • Your face shape and complexion
  • Face & Head shape
  • Your height and body shape
  • Your type of hair and it’s possibilities
  • Hair texture and density
  • The condition of your hair and treatment history
  • Products used on your hair presently
  • Your lifestyle and your hair
  • Maintenance free or daily styled hair
  • Skin and hair undertone colours
  • Regularity of visits
  • Desired result and outcome

For you to get the most out of your consultation and to enable us to deliver the perfect hair service that you deserve, we ask you to be timely for your appointment so that we have adequate time to give you the professional service that you deserve.

We are looking forward to your visit!