Refreshing Tea Tree Conditioning Spray

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Refreshing Leave-In Conditioning Spray

  • Conditions, moisturises and adds lustre and shine to pet’s coats
  • Soothing and cooling for sensitive skin with Natural Tea Tree Oil which also is effective in treating and preventing topical bacteria and fungal infections
  • Notes of eucalyptus oil also help in repelling insects and parasites
  • Vegan
  • Refreshing, calming fragrance
  • Suitable for all dog coat types especially Short, Long, Combination, Double, Wiry, coats

Excellent for use between grooming sessions

Also contains Aloe, hydrolysed Oats, Chamomile and Sweet Almond Oil

8 oz/236ml

Note: Tea Tree Oil is safe for dogs and cats when diluted correctly. All John Paul Pet products have appropriate dilution of Tea Tree Oil for safe use for both cats and dogs.