Is The New Wylera Hair Curler Any Good?

Wylera Hair Curler - Cordless

Woohoo, I have come across the best curling tool yet! The revolutionary Wylera Hair Curler!

I am so excited about this new tool that I have come across and discovered. Excited because this tool makes total sense! No fuss, easy to use for making perfect beautiful curls- no more struggling and effort!

I went to go and visit the 2019 Hair expo in Brisbane and came across the Wylera stand. There were a lot of ladies gathered around, looking, testing and buying this new ceramic curler.

Volunteers were sitting in chairs having their hair curled by their friends, partners, colleagues, strangers and even the ladies selling and demonstrating this tool, their hair was being curled. The curling of hair was so quick and easy and on any type of hair. With the public, there was a huge variety of hair being tested and curled. I walked around the hair expo and passed the Wylera stand a few times and every time it was packed with ladies being interested in this new tool that has just been launched. Even I tested this tool and was amazed by how easy the hair is to curl. The sales lady was buzzing with people buying this tool and stock was flying out of their stand, so much so that they had to send someone to fetch more stock from the warehouse. People were buying 10 at a time.

I bought one too and was very excited to use it in my salon straight away and show and tell my clients about it. It can be used on any length of hair, except too short or too long. this being shorter than jawline and longer than the hips. This curling tool can be used on any thickness of hair. The thicker the hair, the more hair needs to be done in sections, as this tool cannot take big clumps of hair at once, nor can any other curling tool either, as it will not give the hair proper curl formations. The more sections you use to curl the hair, the more curls you will have. The fewer sections you take, the softer and less curly the overall look will be. The type of hair that It is suitable for is hair that is straight, wavy, has a kink or soft curls.

For hair that is very curly, unruly, frizzy and fuzzy, it is recommended to blow wave the hair first or go through the hair with an iron, so that it gives the curl a more smooth look. This will also make the curls last and hold longer and be more controlled and smooth curl than a fuzzy curl. What makes this Wylera curling tool so awesome is that it gives your hair styles an even curl right to the tips, unlike most curling tongs where it is difficult to clip the hair into the curling tong right to the ends and then to make sure the ends don’t slip out or get fish hooks. With the straightening iron, it is also challenging to get the ends into a perfect rounded curl at the tips. This tool gives you a perfect rounded tip. This tool also gives you the ability to direct the curls into a left or right direction. This can be set on the curling tool. You can do one row of hair all in one left direction and then the next row of hair in the right direction, or you can alternate every curl. You can use this tool to curl the hair close from the hair root area or start at the mid-lengths or only curl the ends, depending on if you want lots of curls or just a soft wave on the ends. You can use this tool to make many curls or just give your hair a soft elegant look. It is so versatile.

On a head of hair that has a medium texture and the hair is on your shoulders, it will take you about 5-10 minutes to curl your hair, once you have a bit of practice. The time also depends on how curly you want your result to be.

Once you have curled the whole head of hair, you may leave the locks just as they are or you can pull your fingers through your hair to loosen up the hair and curls. You may also brush through your hair for a smoother effect. A big-toothed comb can also be used to loosen up the curls. You may apply products to your hair before drying, straightening. blowing and curling your hair. Products help to give the curl more holding support or helps to smooth the hair for a frizz free look. A serum or hair spray may be used after curling the hair, to create smoothness and the hair spray to hold the curl or hair in position for longer.

Wylera Hair Curler - Cordless

This tool cannot burn your hands, fingers or hair. There are no heated areas where you can touch and burn yourself, unlike most of the curling tongs or irons where the barrel is exposed and it is easily touched. The Wylera tool is easily handheld and not heavy. So how this tool works: the section of hair is gripped and sucked into the groove and twirled around the rotating stick in the middle. Once the start button has been released and the curl is set, the timer peep will go off and stop once the number of seconds is finished. The tool can then be released from the hair. This tool does not suck up your hair and tangle it. The hair does not get stuck. The only thing is that you shouldn’t put extremely long hair into the barrel, as there will be too much hair that needs to be rotated around the barrel, which makes the hair packed up too thick and that could cause the hair not to curl properly. The timer can be manually set before curling commences, from 8 seconds to 14 seconds. The longer the timer, the more the curls set. The shorter the timer, the softer the curl. The temperature can also be manually set. The temperature starts from 160 to 200 degrees. This is regulated heat distribution and timing so that the hair cannot burn. If you see “smoke” coming from the hair, it is either some of the dampness of the hair that is evaporating or it is the moisture of the product that is evaporating. This tool can also be manually set to right and left-sided curls, which with other tools is more challenging to do by hand, especially doing it yourself in front of a mirror and everything seems to be wrong way round. With this tool, you only need to get the hair into the groove and the tool does the work for you. This tool gives beautiful even and balanced curls all over on the whole head.

This tool is user-friendly as it is cordless and you don’t have to worry about being irritated with a cord being around you. It is charged with a USB cable which is part of your purchase. This tool is marvelous for taking with you anywhere you go- to the gym, to a friend, to a party, to a bathroom, in a car and traveling. No plugs needed! It fits easily in your handbag, gym bag, travel bag and it can come along anywhere you go. Ladies want beautiful sexy hair at all times, as our hair is our crown and this tool makes it possible to have that gorgeous looking hair at any place and any time. You can quickly do your hair yourself or even a friend, sister or mom can do your hair for you, no need to be an experienced hairdresser. Once you get the hang of it, you have amazing curls quick and easy. 

My experience is that clients are not hairdressers and not everyone has a knack for working with hair. It does not come easy to most ladies. Holding a curling tong in one hand and wrapping hair around the tong or iron is not easy to do, especially if one is not practiced at doing this and on top of this doing it in front of the mirror. This can become and is time-consuming and frustrating at times. And then still the possibility to burn your fingers by touching the barrel.

The Wylera curling tool does all the work for you!

The Wylera is charged with a USB charger which is included in your box when purchased, which once again makes it so user-friendly. The battery lasts for about two sets of medium length, medium-thick hair or one head of long thick hair – And the best part is this is a wireless hair curler!

This tool is fantastic to use as a stylist in the salon too, as this makes our work as stylists also quicker and creates well balanced even curls for any type of hairdo. It can even be used to prepare the hair for an up style where you need curls for body and softness. Or it can be used for finishing touches. This tool can be used for any age, anyone that wants beautiful, smooth controlled curls, a soft look, an elegant look, a sophisticated look, a sexy look, a wild and bouncy look, a feminine look. This is the best invention and improvement from any other curling tongs and tools which we have had all these years, a revolutionary new product!

Wylera Hair Curler – Cordless

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The New Wylera Automatic Hair Curler is the next big thing! This handy little curler is completely cordless and features a battery that can last up to 12+ hours. This Ceramic Curler isn’t just designed to give you luscious curls, its also designed to be super easy to use. With even heat application and almost hands-free operation, this is a curler you have to try!

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Lock curls in place all day long with the smooth ceramic barrel for even heat distribution. The ceramic surface and temperature adjustment settings create frizz-free and silky-smooth waves and curls. Curl direction settings are available for shaping your face with your new timeless waves. 30 second heat up has you styled quicker than ever. The Wylera Wireless Hair Curler is a hair revolution! The Small Ceramic Curler is completely wireless for use on the go, for style that lasts! Lock curls in place all day long with the smooth ceramic barrel for even heat distribution. The ceramic surface and temperature adjustment settings create frizz-free and silky-smooth waves and curls. Curl direction settings are available for shaping your face with your new timeless waves. 30 second heat up has you styled quicker than ever.Product Features:
  • This new curler uses a new Ionic Ceramic Barrel that guarantees smooth, curls with lots of body.
  • You can set the direction of your curls with the new Wylera, giving you more options.
  • Set the temperature of your new Wylera between 150c – 200c.
  • This new type of hair curler is safer for your hair than traditional curlers due to the lower heat used.
  • Set the size of your curls easier than ever
  • Start curling your hair quicker than ever before, the Wylera only takes 30 seconds to heat up.
  • This product is safe for people of all ages since no heated elements are exposed.
  • Can easily be topped up with power using a USB port.
  • This set comes with both the USB charger and a carry bag for when you need it on the go.
  • Wylera is 100% Australian Owned
  • 12 Months Manufacturer warranty.
Perfect Curls, Anywhere, Anytime!