Is The New Wylera Hair Curler Any Good?

Woohoo,I’m glad to announce that I’ve found one of the best quick hair curling tools to date – the revolutionary Wylera Hair Curler!

I really am glad and excited that I stumbled across this gem of a product. Not only does it look sleek and easy to use, it really is sleek and easy to use – It just makes sense.

For a bit of backstory, let’s start from the beginning. Earlier in the year (2019) I decided that i’d like to visit one of these hair expos in Brisbane and see what the industry has on offer. As per usual, there were hundreds of people testing products, chatting and doing the typical expo thing, but one stall really caught my eye. There were a bunch of people stacked around it getting their hair curled by some new tool, so of course I had to have a look at what was on offer.

That was my first fateful first encounter with the product. At first I was a little skeptical given the size of the Wylera, but the results spoke for themselves. Every volunteer that was lucky enough to have their hair attended to had the most amazing undeniable results – I had to learn more.

As I stood watching the busy stall I noticed that the variation in hair composition in the volunteers was very varied. Some women had extremely thick hair, some frizzy, some thinner and more naturally straight, yet this little wonder tool kept producing amazing results. That was when i needed to try it for myself.

When I finally had the opportunity to test this thing out for myself I was expecting some high-tech, difficult-to-use, space age curler – but i couldn’t have been more wrong. The Wylera was so easy to use, and the results were so amazing that I bought one right there on the spot, and I wasn’t the only one. I can remember one woman even buying 10 in one swoop, it seemed to be a common occurrence at this event.

Once I finally got my salon, I excitedly showed all of my clients and they we’re just as astounded as I was! This is a great product and here’s why!

wylera hair dark greyWhy is it so good?

This is going to be the part of the review where I talk about the actual usability of the Wylera, and in which aspects this tool excels in. This is also where I cover some things that you may need to consider before buying this tool, since no tool is perfect for Everyone!

How exactly does the Wylera Hair Curler work? Well, I’m glad you asked… The Wylera curler uses suction to draw a section of your hair into a ceramically heated curling tube, where all of the magic happens. If you havent noticed already by that last sentence, its operation is almost hands free, it is one of the easiest curling tools that i have ever come across. Since the tool is so small and compact it is important to note that when you curl hair that’s thicker than normal, you need to section your hair into smaller sections since you need the heat to be distributed evenly across the entire length of the curl you want. This means that some of you thicker haired ladies might take a couple of minutes longer to get the curls that you want, but trust me, it’s worth the wait! 

On a head of hair that has a medium texture has a length to your shoulders, it will take you about 5-10 minutes to get a full set of curls. The time also depends on how curly you want your result to be, and how many individual sections you want curled.

You might be asking, how exactly do I get a variation in curls? Maybe you want curls that are a bit softer, or maybe you’re after a more curly look? That’s all doable with Wylera, and the way you do it is by varying your section thicknesses. For a more ‘curl aggressive’ look, you take smaller sections of hair and really let the ceramic heating tube do its thing. For a softer look, just take thicker sections, and watch the waves appear. You can also choose which direction you want your curls to fall in with the easy to use light up display.

Now, when I mentioned earlier that this tool is great for all hair types, I really do mean it. For hair that is very curly, unruly, frizzy and fuzzy, I recommended to blow wave your hair first or go through your hair with an iron first, so that it gives the curl a more smooth look. This will also make the curls hold longer, be more controlled and have a smooth aesthetic.

Since the Wylera uses air to suck your hair into the tube, it makes it super easy to get curls that start right from the root of your hair all the way down to the tip, its genius really. Gone are the days of sitting in awkward angles trying to get the curling tong to sit just at the right angle, the Wylera just sucks it up and lets you make the easy decisions while doing the hard work. You can use this tool to curl hair close from the hair root area, the mid-length area or only curl the ends, it gives you so many options.

Another huge plus for this product comes from the fact that it is virtually impossible for anyone to hurt themselves with it. Unlike conventional curlers, there are no hot bits of metal that you can touch, so no more high pitched shrieks from bad hand placement. Not only is this better for your hands, it’s also better for you hair. If you think about it, placing a super hot bit of metal to your skin probably isn’t healthy and your hair is no different. This tool may prevent split ends and it may increase the life span of each hair strand that’s being curled when compared to a conventional curler.

So, what are some of the things that you may need to look out for? Well, this curler isn’t ideal for people who have shorter hair, but then again which curler is? Another thing to look out for is that with longer hair, you need to be a little careful, as the curler can get stuck when too much hair is being fed through. This can be easily remedied with some careful attention to the task at hand. Something else that I think is important to consider is that this hair curler can be used completely wirelessly, meaning that it can be charged and runs off a battery. Some people may love this, as it makes the Wylera perfect for travelling and home use, but for a professional scene it may cause some complications if one of the floor artists forgets to place a Wylera on charge. None of these things are deal breaker at all, it’s just important to take these things into account before making the investment

What’s the verdict?

I officially give this curler a solid 9/10!

The usability of this product is a massive plus for me – anyone can use it! Not only that, it’s also safe to use meaning that i can give this to a young birthday girl and i don’t need to stress about any injuries that may occur.

Its cordless design means that i can take this curler anywhere, the gym, a party, a holiday, you name it!

Its versatility is another massive bonus. I like to change things up every now and then and this Wylera Hair Curler gives me a huge variation of looks to choose from.

It works on any type of hair – Frizzy, wavy, long, medium, it’s all curlable!

This is a product that I and my clients have truly fallen head over heels in love with. If you’d like any more information on the Wylera, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the Contact page, or for more information, check out the Wylera Product Page.[product_page id=”791″]