How to get the Hair color you actually want

At Beautyworks I go to great lengths to ensure that you the client receives the latest hair color trends and receives the hair color results that you deserve. Through continual training and by using only the best and most professional products I have managed to consistently deliver great results and through that made my clients happy.

I keep on stressing this in my previous blogs but it is of utmost importance to analyse and discuss the condition of your hair prior to having a color treatment done. Color fade-age and the levels of the base colours are just two aspects that can influence the final result and only an experienced stylist will know how to get the best result.  Many times in my long hairdressing career have I had to fix color treatments that have gone wrong – don’t go there!

Some of the considerations for color treatments are:

  • the condition of the hair prior to applying the color wanted ( porosity,damage,fragility)
  • Hair strength
  • Underlying base color and undertone prior to applying color
  • Apply appropriate treatments to rebuild the strength of internal hair structure
  • Post color treatment are highly recommended for a lasting result

Beauty works only uses Paul Mitchell products and is a Paul Mitchell authorised salon. We highly recommend using these product for awesome results.